About Us

Medstar EMS is a privately owned medical transportation company based out of North-Philadelphia. We specialize in Basic Life Support (BLS) transport services such as inter-facility/residence, hemodialysis, urgent, long distance relocation, & event stand-by.

Our fleet of emergency vehicles, paratransit vans, and buses is maintained and inspected by our staff of experienced mechanics and technicians, assuring it’s always in pristine condition.

Our patients’ comfort and safety is second to none.

We strive to consistently deliver expedient and reliable service, so all of our vehicles are equipped with GPS technology to aid our drivers in navigation, and save you the trouble of wrong turns and dead-ends.

Scheduling, dispatching, billing, and record keeping are all computer-based and utilize the most advanced software technology available. Medstar EMS also maintains exceptional security measures to ensure that all client data is kept in compliance with HIPAA, OSHA, and State EMS regulations.

Our employees are known for their compassionate and professional care. Our patients often say riding with us is like riding with family. Every employee is fully certified with the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Our range of employee certifications include CPR, Emergency Vehicle Operator’s Certification (EVOC), First Responder’s, and Emergency Medical Technician’s (EMT).